iLearn Technology

iLearn Technology is an Educational Blog about integrating technology into classroom. The author of this blog is Kelly Tenkely, she taught second grade for one full year then left job to start her own freelance technology training and consultancy for professional development. Her goal is to help teachers fall in love with technology and provide them with resources that can be easily implemented in classroom. I look forward to following this blog, as I believe technology is the key to success in future and students feel very excited using technology in classroom.

woot math screenshot

This blog provides review of various educational resources related to technology. It also has articles, podcasts and other useful blogs and information. I like the review of Woot Math: Adaptive learning for fraction and decimals, it is an interactive tool which can be used by teachers in school for upper elementary math lessons. It provides personalized math experience with guided steps which mimic the scaffolding instruction used by teachers in classroom. The blog also provides information on how this application can be integrated in classroom using technology like Smartboard and iPad. Each student gets access to the dashboard and levels are adjusted to personal needs, each lesson has hands on problems with simple instruction and learning objective. This app helps them to analyze problems and provides them strategies in real time, just like a tutor. I believe this function is really helpful for struggling students. It also has a Teacher’s Dashboard through which teacher can manage classes, create reports and perform many more functions. It also provides a detailed log of each student’s performance and screenshots of problems solved.


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