Quest to Learn and 4Cs

Quest to Learn is a school in New York City, which offers learning by creating games model. The students design games and follow the unique state standard based curriculum. The main focus of this school is to help students learn to solve everyday problem by inventing games using digital media.

Quest to Learn incorporates all the 4Cs into their classroom learnings. There are various examples in the video in which students create a game and use critical thinking to analyze what is most essential part of the game, who are the players and how are they going to design it. For communication, they use all sort of digital tools, technology and software like digital book, computers, printers and scanners. For collaboration, they have to work together and communicate ideas as well as self assess the final product. Students have to be creative to create games that are both interesting and engaging for its players.

I found it interesting to learn about this school, which uses technology as a method of learning. The students seem to be very excited and engaged in their projects. However, I had a few concerns that students might get too engrossed in technology, building games and competing against each other that they may not build enough social and emotional skills. Overall, I feel technology based schools will soon become more prominent and as an aspiring teacher I need to catch up with this new way of learning.



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