Social Web and Generation Like

While watching video “Generation Like” I realized how children use social web to express themselves and how important they feel when they get these likes. Children of 21st century are using social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to express their feelings, choices, show talents or even to get recognition. They believe that these websites has “empowered” them to share their thoughts with no filters attached and they get instant gratification in terms of numbers of “likes” they receive. However, this video shows the reality how these marketing companies are using teenagers to market their products.

social web

So, how does understanding of how children use the Social Web prepare us for our instruction in the classroom? As a teacher we need to understand that children are using social web to get instant gratification, they like expressing their thoughts, feeling and wants to be liked. However, we need to explain them that instant likes that they receive on Internet does not necessarily mean they are popular. Teachers need to instruct students about all the pros and cons of using Social Web. For example, the video “Generation Like” talks about how companies are luring teenagers into selling their products by giving them free stuff and promoting their brands. Some people like Tyler Oakley and Daniel in the video have leveraged on social web and used it to show their talent and launch their career. Have they deviated their career path just because sponsors wanted them to or was it their first choice?

As a teacher, I would first make my students aware about the uses of these social websites. They need to work in a group and understand how real are these likes and why do certain people get more likes and other equally talented less like. Then, I would give them assignments in which they need to express themselves using such social web and how these websites can be used to its true potential. We can have a class blog in which each student can write essay or post a blog to express their thoughts being creative. They should then monitor the responses to their videos or post and evaluate them. Does it really mean they are popular? Were they able to convey the message to the right audience? Lastly, I would educate them about social web as a powerful tool, which can be used effectively, and positively to express themselves or to showcase their talents.


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