Extracurricular empowerment: Scott McLeod at TEDxDesMoines


For this week’s assignment I got the opportunity to watch this very meaningful video Extracurricular empowerment: Scott McLeod at TEDxDesMoines. In this video Scott talks about 9 year-old Martha in Scotland taking picture of her lunch and posting it on her blog, rating the quality of lunch they receive in school. She is soon joined by millions of people worldwide sharing pictures of their school lunches. Martha becomes a celebrity as everyone starts talking about the quality of lunch kids receive in Scotland. But what does school administrators have to say about this? Martha is not allowed to share pictures of her school lunch anymore on social web. Is it because they feel too intimated by the power of using social web or they only want to use it for their advantage?

In my previous blog “Social Web and Generation Like” we explored how teenagers feel empowered by using social web and how important it has become for them to be liked on these social forums. Scott also says in his video that schools need to get over the fear of using social media and they should make this part of their curricular activities rather than extra-curricular. We try to do everything to provide technology to these kids and then we take it away by blocking it in schools. He also shares various other stories about how younger generation is taking advantage of social web and earning six figure salaries before they are even out of school. So why don’t school teachers encourage social web in classrooms for projects. First of all, I feel teachers need to be educated about uses of social web and its advantages. School administrators and teachers should embrace this technology positively and then spread awareness in students about its usage and how can it be useful for school curriculum. For examples, students can create a blog post about cyber bullying, how can they safeguard themselves when posting anything on social web. Students should be encouraged to use game-based learning, lessons, videos and social media in classroom but they should also be taught how be a good cyber citizen.



One thought on “Extracurricular empowerment: Scott McLeod at TEDxDesMoines

  1. Ruchi, I really enjoyed this post. I agree with you on several counts. First, teachers do need to get over their fear of using technology in the classroom. It is an extremely important tool that, if used correctly, could promote the students’ learning. Second, teaching awareness is a very important step that cannot be overlooked if we are to allow our students access to the SocialWeb. Overall, I agree that we, as adults, have to allow our students to grow into the world in which they live, which, whether we like it or not, includes technology and the SocialWeb. We, therefore, have to train ourselves so that we can teach our students responsibly.


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