BAM Radio Podcast – “My 3 Concerns About Flipped Learning, How I Got Over Them”

In this podcast, Jon Bergmann is talking to Katherine Hale about using Flipped Learning and how she got over her concerns about using it for literacy and math class. Katherine is a former 5th grade teacher specializing in literacy, math, and personalizing learning with use of one on one iPads. When Katherine was asked by school administrators to instruct using flipped classroom method her initial response was no. Katherine had concerns over success of using a flipped classroom with students coming from low-income and diverse background. The major concern that Katherine had was, 1) accountability of students, 2) Is it worthy of her time and 3) how can she create a personalized relationship with students. She wanted to ensure that students are not playing games or get distracted when watching videos in her flipped class.

Katherine took a class on Foundation of Idea Flipped Learning and started making her own videos of teaching lessons. She wanted to maintain a relationship and connection with her students so making her own videos of lessons helped her a lot. Katherine prepared mini lessons video on read and write workshop for students to watch at home and they post the answers to question or strategies using padlet or a blog. This ensured that students are watching videos and participating in an online discussion. Katherine expressed that this exercise helped her a lot to differentiate students who are struggling with the topic. These lessons were also helpful for students that are at grade level but are scared to admit their problems. When these students get an opportunity to work prior to class then they are more eager to participate in class discussions.

Are podcasts something you would consider for professional learning in the future? Yes I would definitely consider podcast for professional learning in the future. There is plethora of podcasts available on Internet and on varied subjects to choose from. Since teachers have to be face paced and catch up with new technology to teach students of 21st century, podcast can become a very essential professional learning tool for them. Also, I liked the idea that I can pause an audio and take notes while learning.



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