Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

I loved watching “Build a School in the Cloud” TED talk by Sugata Mitra. In this video Mr. Mitra talks about his initial “Hole in the Wall” experiments with a group of children and access to a computer and Internet. These experiments resulted in self-organized learning by these children only by using a computer and Internet. These experiments are called “Hole in Wall” because he made a hole in wall and placed a computer in it with free access to Internet for the children living in slum area. These children learnt the concept in very less time with no help or guidance of a teacher. Mr. Mitra claims that if children are left alone with a computer in hand and then tested on any learned concept they would reach same standard as any office secretary in the West.

The main idea that a teacher can use from this video is the concept of “Big Idea” and SOLES, which is Self-Organized Learning Environment. I agree with Mitra that the role of learning should be changed from making learning happen to letting learning happen. This can be done by giving school children a learning environment which is Self Organized, a teacher should raise the question about big idea or learning concept and students should be given free access to technology and work in a group to let the learning happen at its own pace. I totally agree that this type of learning can be easily integrated with the core subjects like science, math and social studies in which students lead the project and use their imagination and creativity to explore a new concept. The teachers should ignite the spark by raising questions and students should learn by exploring and experimenting. Teachers can guide the students, but it is the groups of students that are responsible for learning by letting it happen using technology. After all technology is shaping the future generation!!



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